• The Popular Leverage of GST

    The Popular Leverage of GST

    They say, there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. Malaysia will be heading into another certainty tomorrow, in fact in just a few hours. This is the era where according to many may be the bitter pill we all need but difficult to swallow. In simpler terms, the general Malaysians do […] Read more

  • Simply a Bali-cious evening!

    Simply a Bali-cious evening!

    What an evening it was. After weathering through the traffic for almost two hours with my wife Lea and daughter Natalea, we arrived at BumbuBali. Barring the road crawl, the evening was a perfect one, with great food, excellent company and an insightful discourse that was almost surreal in the Balinese settings right here in […] Read more

  • Samsung Twilight

    Never would I have expected this! It was about 1:30am last night when I was still at the computer tinkering on a few things when I reached out to my bag to look for some receipts. Failing to find any I then thought I must have slipped it into my notepad. Crash it went to […] Read more

  • Thank You Mr Lee!

    In the end, when the great Lee Kuan Yew bid us goodbye, I’d be delighted about his departure, not because of hatred or animosity against the astute statesman, but because it was Singapore where I’ve come to learnt about living life outside of home and working in the settings of a progressive first world country. For […] Read more

  • Manners are Caught, NOT Taught

    This bold move will see you reducing the burden of those your child will hang out with or get married to many years down the road. Read more

  • Just take it easy…

    Just take it easy…

    “Xin bu nan , shi jiu bu nan” Read more