• Thank You Mr Lee!

    In the end, when the great Lee Kuan Yew bid us goodbye, I’d be delighted about his departure, not because of hatred or animosity against the astute statesman, but because it was Singapore where I’ve come to learnt about living life outside of home and working in the settings of a progressive first world country. For […]

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  • Manners are Caught, NOT Taught

    This bold move will see you reducing the burden of those your child will hang out with or get married to many years down the road. Read more

  • Just take it easy…

    Just take it easy…

    “Xin bu nan , shi jiu bu nan” Read more

  • It’s Here, It’s Everywhere…

    Perhaps late, perhaps ripe, Time, peace, adventure? No matter, it matters, Matter, does it, really? Now or never, ever or later, We’re here, it’s now, Of share, in pairs, or not, everywhere…and there. We’re here, it’s now, It’s here, it’s everywhere! Catch us now, right here…and everywhere! Blessing you now, here and wherever you are, […] Read more

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