• 8 Reasons to Crafting Great Contents for a Client

    8 Reasons to Crafting Great Contents for a Client

    “Even the kings and queens of yore would yearn of a technology such as this…as if made in heaven, indeed from heaven.” ~ an excerpt from BAE International’s website. There are clients and then there are clients. There are contents, and then there are also contents. Each presents itself with a differing attitude, challenge and spirit. […] Read more

  • Good Content Will Take You Far

    Good Content Will Take You Far

    If it wasn’t for videos, we would not have youtube. If it wasn’t for youtube, we would not have Bieber, Gangnam and Thriller behind bars. If it wasn’t for such undiscovered stars, we would not have witnessed the diversity of art, creativity and culture.   If it wasn’t for art, creativity and its people, we would not have […] Read more

  • Matters of the Heart

    Matters of the heart is not easily solved. They are neither left nor right, high nor low, wet nor dry, east nor west. Matters of the heart is as tricky as the steps of Peter, they slide left only to leap to the right, they slip down only to hide from the earth, they lie and […] Read more

  • How could you not love a child like this?

    How could you not love a child like this?

    Every once in a while we must brag! Ladies and gentlemen, it is not often that I’d bring this subject up. Not all that frequent too will I shout about the goodness that has dawned. Even more subliminal is when she presents a greatness that is beyond measure, beyond comprehension and certainly beyond us! Exhibit […] Read more

  • Jonker Walk Night Market

    Jonker Walk Night Market

    Great pictures from the most famous street in the historical state of Melaka where a big part of my Peranakan family come from and where my wife was born. Read more

  • Conversations that Matter

    How has the week been since GST? Life is sometimes a strange wonder – stranger than wandering the parks or hiking up the hill alone. It is a cognitive experience at every possible juncture and at every turn, if only you allow it to. On Sunday, it capped a memorable Easter as we celebrated the blessed […] Read more