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Step 1 – Editorial Planning

Editorial planning is the backbone of content strategy. It helps businesses create a roadmap for their content creation efforts.

Holding a session of Editorial Planning to identify all the important components is the main determinant if the project will succeed matching the desires of the ambition.
Not to be discounted even during the time of Zooming and virtual meetings, holding a session to identify all the important components is the main determinant if the project will succeed matching the desires of the ambition. (Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com)

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To that end, editorial planning helps businesses maintain consistency in the public space and in front of its target market. Content in that regard must be published on a regular basis to gain any traction or momentum. This will then leave a growing and lasting imprint in the target audience’s minds. With regularly published content, it instils trust and builds loyalty. One as such shouldn’t escape from planning his editorial campaign right from the start.

As intentional as editorial planning is, the mapping exercise enables organisations to be strategic about their messaging to the community. This involves customising the contents according to the themes, topics and events. When businesses align content with its brand positioning, they stand a better chance at meeting the corporate objectives.

Identifying & matching these attributes – marketing, communications, corporate – accurately will result in a lasting impact and simultaneously heightens the chances of it resonating with the audience and drives business results.

Another perk of releasing timely messages is the possibility of establishing themselves as trusted thought leaders in their respective fields.

As a result of good editorial planning, you may end up becoming a thought or opinion leader.
When you are approached for an official opinion about a certain topic….it means your view matters. (Photo by Werner Pfennig on Pexels.com)

Editorial Planning Contributes to Analytics

When it comes to trends, analytics and visibility, nothing will do more than posting regularly on the digital touch points. A collection of relevant content derived from a well thought out editorial plan will in fact do just that. But to go a step further, the person responsible must analyse it for its effectiveness and relevance.

Consistently released editorial contents enables businesses to track their content’s performance based on page views, shares, comments and conversions. If and when scrutinised further, such statistics will also unveil the audience’s interests, pain points and communication preferences. 

Insights gained from a meticulous audience engagement can inform businesses about the type of content that is most popular. These reference points are crucial to drive greater engagements in the content production roadmap. When done right, it will result in a more effective approach to marketing, communications, community building and the corporate strategy. It will also birth the right content delivered at the right frequency to the right audience. This will then lead to business improvement and seeing your own community taking shape.

Now isn’t that something everyone is clamouring for these days on the digital stratosphere?

HB Perspective - a property consultant's annual property market report and again, Editorial Planning is crucial to delivering such a report.
HB Perspective – a property consultant’s annual property market report and again, Editorial Planning is crucial to delivering such a report.

Ok about going digital but what’s next?

With fleeting attention ruling the airwaves, it pays for businesses to chart a new course. One as such is never too late to devise a content road map or an editorial plan.

But businesses must always remember this, contents injected into the digital space will forever remain as the company’s asset. There is therefore really nothing to lose but everything to gain. So go ahead and build your content equity. It will certainly add to your branding strategy in the long run.

But what if you enjoy little to almost no traffic coming to your site?

Then it calls for some content introspection to better understand why it is so. If it’s worth tweaking it with the experts to get you back under the spotlight, then why not?

Hint: Fine tuning your SEO may be one solution, adjusting your Editorial Plan is definitely the other.

Good periodicals never go out of style as it builds a trail of history for you and your company.

A proper editorial plan will smoothen the production of a book. Ivan has done them all, ask him.

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