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Questions, (with no) Answers

When opportunities were in abundance, every step was forbidden

When reputation was still intact, overbearing suspicion locked it down

Although profit thrives from liberty, nonsensical house arrest ruled the day.

And when the end was slamming whiskers away, no mercy was extended, no matter life or death.

The imagery of misery, the vision of collapse; haunts, without invitation, or even a text.

Sophisticated as it may seem, life dwindled, in free fall or was it?

Ave Maria, Don’t Cry for me Argentina, Los Lobos, Livin’ La Vida Loca

In the end, contortionist of time and space we’ve become, none are recognised as sacrificial duties

Worse of all, dropped past hell, in spite of all good intentions, would plunge categorically as one who catered only to comedic consequence, unworthy of praise.

unworthy, at all.

When life throws a curvy, what shall one do?





The myth of unbroken bond, declared as the ring of inseparable…in the end, melts in the test of time, through the trial of life, buried unannounced, questions unanswered

Or worst of all, betrayal…enigmatically, of blockbuster proportions, of best story wished someone told

the reason why, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Korean Superstars

it’s not incidental, it’s not coincidental, it’s not intentional

when defeat rubbed with salt, wound screams of loss

when victory is mocked and belittled, soul knows no right from wrong, day from night, light from day

who is, who was, who will



more questions…..







a soul empty, was once a different story...

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