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The Tragedy of Compliance

After understanding the predicament

After assessing the best solutions,

After deploying the needed techniques,

After resolutely disappearing from society,

After adjusting these to calm the waters,

After diminishing self worth,

After ridiculing own character,

After minimising combustion,

After withdrawing from civic consciousness,

After eliminating self identity,

After enduring attacks on all fronts,

After succumbing to unwarranted defeats,

After name calling and insults,

After submitting to dictatorial authority,

After bowing to questionable instructions,

After aligning to authoritarian’s whims and fancies,

After isolating from societal norms,

After withstanding manipulation,

After humouring with objected viewpoints,

After complying with all orders,

After defying logic out of inferior comprehension,

After stalemates from such irresponsible judgements,

Still, the guilty one.

For there’s no justice without knowledge

No truth without reflection

No gratitude without compassion

Nothing, nothing.

Whatever it may have been,

Ambitious, lofty, visionary, expansive; it goes on

If compromised too much to another’s wish

but yielding zero despite the compliance

Arrows remain pointed at the one

Who complied wholeheartedly, unquestionably!

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