When the Sky is Grey

Some days are gold, some are stones. These 2 days I’ve learnt that when your heart’s shattered, you’ll even lose your voice. Disinterest seeps through slowly but not before the desire to quit. Have we all not been there before?

There were moments of questions, sure there were periods of gazing into oblivion. When life pursuits were put on the back burner to make way for it, you wonder now if it’s all worth the neglect and pain.

True, sacrifice is the ingredient to light up the world but at times when sense and sensibility failed to rise, you wonder again if it’s all worth the climb and hike.

If life gave you lemons, they said make lemonade. But what if you’ve run out of the energy to even squeeze them lemons, what the hell else are you going to do?

I remember a good riding of an enterprise was once decorated with a sacrificial stance, again to make way for another, so he could speak, to hold on to the light, to record appreciation, to be in front. We made way because it was a conscious and strategic decision. But do you know, such sacrifices were eventually trampled on as if they were non-events?

When your heart is troubled, even the petals look grey. These greyish days, will it last and persist or will there be an exit? Is it crumbling?

Faith and fate have a very divisive character sometimes. You’ll plough faith into a fate that was in contrast. Go figure.

When life throws a curve ball, do you dodge or do you hit or do you step aside for another to bat? Questions and more questions.

Of course academically speaking, throwing in the towel is often the last resort. But when life pushes you to the corner as if you’re nothing but a slave, it makes you wonder again if the sacrifice were all worth it.

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