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“Is It Finished”, Easter I Mean?

Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

The fastest way to get the answer is to Google it and the slowest is to study the bestselling book in the world – the Bible. But yes, not many would flip open the thick book to properly investigate the text unless one is called to it or motivated to do so. But what good would there be to uncover the story behind?

For most of the believers who are fully convinced that these are nothing but the truths of our lives, we will also come to realise that aside from celebrating Easter, we are really commemorating “It is finished!”

Easter this year falls on 17 April, exactly one month away and as most believers get busy in doing what they do to usher in the momentous occasion, there are also those who are fasting and praying during this holy season. They do this regardless of creed and denominations since the ultimate goal remains worshipping the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Two years ago in 2020 when the pandemic of Covid-19 made headlines, I have by chance or through some inexplicable reasons penned down my thoughts from my daily devotions. This very personal experience was eventually made public in September of the following year of 2021 as a compilation of my devotions based on the Book of Jeremiah in the bible. 2021 was hence the year when I self-promoted yours truly to be an Author, although with only one book to humble credit. 

Why am I sharing this now? 

Because Easter 2020 which fell on 12 April coincided with my first draft of writing which if memory serves me right began on 18 February. But those in the trade will surely know that first drafts can hardly make it to the final print and with much upheavals in between, no thanks to the pandemic, the final edit could only take place progressively in 2021, which again coincided with Easter that year which fell on 4 April.

If you are keen and willing, my scribbles about Easter, a miniscule part of the Book of Jeremiah and the Easter seasons of 2020 and 2021 which eventuated to the book now called “What If You Could Complete Jeremiah in 8 Weeks?” can be found in:

So really, is Easter possibly the best time for you (both the lukewarm or cold believers and the inquisitive non-believing bystanders) to come back to the One who created heaven and earth? 

You can Google it or you can study the bestselling Bible or you could sample my sharing by buying my book at Amazon. But please take note, there’s no compulsion to the purchase, seriously.

Thanks for reading and may you be divinely blessed this Easter season of 2022!

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