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To Roar Like A Champion!

It began with suspicions
And continued with apprehension
But when there was confirmation
We rushed to make reservations!

Without a quick solution
It wasn’t coming like temptation
We waited but there’s no action
It wore thin our patience

Diligently we followed the nation
Continued holding out with attention
But when days raced like marathons
We thought we were forgotten

Then when Narcos reached conclusion
Still and there wasn’t
Perspiring, twiddling with confusion
Perseverance began to be challenged

Where did it go wrong we questioned?
How did we drop to the bottom?

It really wasn’t an illusion
But we waited like those with pensions
And when a Saturday rose with notification
There begins the anticipation

Vaccination they scream with passion
Here we come with hopes and affection

May you shield with great protection
Even when we’re late, further than oblivion!

With mutation mutating to variants
We pray there’s sufficient confidence
If not we’ll cry like infants
Yelling with regret birthed as Malaysians!

Sinovac, Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson
Let’s kill the beasts that’ve locked us in prison
So we’ll roar stronger than the lions
And conquer tomorrow like a champion!

at long last, first dose vaccination has a conclusion!

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