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Comprehension x Effectiveness: Pray It’s Not Too Late

When understanding is not apt, nothing can get done properly. At best they are conducted based on personal prejudices.

When adequate knowledge is absent, most things are done based on personal guesses. Sometimes they are right, lucky.

When sufficient experience is not given, the work done is subpar. Who has robbed them? The exposure has been stolen.

When answers come darting at you with personal biases, you wonder….keep wondering.

Life has its processes and steps. If one chooses to shortcut it or by some stroke of misfortune is not able to, the future could spell trouble, not just for them but those around them too. It’s difficult to see your own faults but those beside you can see it all so clearly. Will they wake up from it? Will they understand it? Can they accept?

Let’s hope it’s not too late when they do.

Your mind runs riot when you have to deal senseless logic.

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