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Happy 2021!

Make It Meaningful in 2021

It took one virus to wipe out everything, literally!

What took years to build, the virus came like a silent tornado and together with it, the entire clan of Decepticons, Thanos, Darth Vader, Magneto, Lex Luthor and every conceivable enemy the human mind can imagine.

How gullible…but sometimes we need just that, to be gullible so we can live through the topsy turvy days we call life.

It’s not the happiest 2020, in fact it hasn’t been the greatest ever since returning to Malaysia. Did I make a mistake? I think I did, a very pricey one too considering the things I’ve gone through to arrive at where I was back then. But life…has its mysteries!

In any case, as I age now, and as life has taken its course, I’ll have to count my blessings knowing that somehow, someway and in some divine arrangement, I am here right now doing what I am cornered to do rather than what I was trained to do from the schools I attended. This only goes to show that sometimes what we studied may not necessarily transpire to what we do in our adult life, and that’s ok. It could just be answering our own personal calling when we have veered far from the academics….or so we console our hearts to be.

I can’t say 2020 has gone to the dogs, neither can I say 2020 is a year of perfect paradise. But through the year, I’m just thankful and glad that after moving to Cyberjaya, we are safer here knowing that the low density permitted a free-er movement when the pandemic came. With less people here, there is a marked reduction in the risk of getting infected. Whilst I say that, we also can’t be too lackadaisical and forgo the masks, sanitisers, etc. We have to continue to be vigilant so we don’t bring the virus home and kill ourselves and our family. You’ll just never know.

2020 has made me worked even harder than I can ever imagined. Pushing me to every limit possible that if those keyboards and mouse were weights and Wing Chun moves, I’d be fitter than Mighty Thor and Ip Man by now!

It has been challenging. It has been sustaining. It has been for the most part like an illusion…did 2020 really happen? I hope you’ve had a better 2020, I sincerely do.

If you’re like me in the process to continuing to lift those keyboards and mouse in hopes to shape up like Chris Evans in cap’s suit, I bid you a special blessing in 2021 that you will will survive and thrive in all that you and foremost among them, I pray that you’ll have the luxury to spend some quality time with people that really mean something to you.

Stay Resilient in 2021 & Make It Memorable!

Happy 2021!

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