Jeremiah 9:6 You live in the midst of deception; in their deceit they refuse to acknowledge me,” declares the Lord.

Reflect brothers and sisters on the world troubles we face right now. The signs are pretty clear that a lot that is happening are occurring without much reason or background to rationalise its origins. For example, we have no clear idea about the sudden presence of the locusts that were sweeping from the African continent and heading towards Asia back in the first quarter of 2020. 

We are also doubtful about how Covid-19 came to be that has been infecting more and more people worldwide, starting in China and has gone as far as Europe, the US, South America; basically the entire world. But before Covid-19, the unassuming Influenza has also taken its toll in the US with more than 6,000 already perished by late January 2020. 

In Malaysia, a new Prime Minister has been sworn in after a sudden coup. This was after they wrestled power over from the seemingly cleaner government who have won the general elections just about 20 months before.

Elsewhere in Asia, people have used guns to shoot innocent lives, first in Thailand and then in the Philippines. There were equally gratifying reports of unknown viruses floating around killing pigs in Bali and goats in southern Asia.

With all these happening, has the world gone mad or is this an eventuality that began with our disobedience? 

As a reference from the earlier chapters of the book of Jeremiah, God was already very upset with His people in Jerusalem and Judah because they have turned their backs on Him. Repeatedly He called for them to return and repent but to no avail. 

He also described that once these people have gone far from God, their ugly traits began to surface. They can no longer deal fairly with people and have taken advantage of their superior positions to oppress the poor, the fatherless and the widows. If that’s not enough, in Jeremiah 9, God also described these people as untrustworthy even if they may be thought of as our brothers or friends. Traps were set for each other no matter how sweet the conversations might have been and for this treacherous behaviour, God also forewarned the people through prophet Jeremiah but all have but fallen on deaf ears.

3 “They make ready their tongue

    like a bow, to shoot lies;

it is not by truth

    that they triumph[b] in the land.

They go from one sin to another;

    they do not acknowledge me,”

declares the Lord.

4 “Beware of your friends;

    do not trust anyone in your clan.

For every one of them is a deceiver,[c]

    and every friend a slanderer.

5 Friend deceives friend,

    and no one speaks the truth.

They have taught their tongues to lie;

    they weary themselves with sinning.

6 You[d] live in the midst of deception;

    in their deceit they refuse to acknowledge me,”

declares the Lord.

Friends, with the world spiralling almost out of control now, it begs for us to really take moments away from our hectic schedule to pray and engage with God. We must repent from our sinful ways and renounce faulty habits that will get us into more trouble than the world is already witnessing today. 

We must stand upright and be a shining example of what righteousness in the eyes of God is all about in spite of the calamity that is hitting the world into a tailspin. 

Friends, we must act now to reshape our walk with God because the world needs it and God expects us to be so. Whether or not our actions have a direct correlation to the crises that have befallen on the different parts of the world is not the currency that compels for us to change but we must recognise that as Christians, we are to abide, not backslide. We are to follow God, not run away from Him. We must remember Him in all circumstances of good and bad, not just on a bright sunny Sunday.

Friends, brothers and sisters, this is our moment to come back to the Lord. The longer we delay, the longer the negative repercussions might play out around the world. As such, repent for God’s instructions in Jeremiah 9 is clear. If we don’t, His wrath may reach the lives of the unbelievers.

I pray that the troubles of the world will not reach you and if they do come to attack your surroundings, I pray for God’s holy protection to cover you. May you find Him and see His face so you’ll repent and return to the Lord ever so closely. May God shelter you and love you in this era of uncertainty, threats of instability and illness, in Jesus name, Amen!

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash