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Broken communication even when line is clear.

Broken Comms Due to Unverified Sources

It’s the most hated sin – to derive results from assumptions without first verifying and processing what was actually written or said. This has in the most excruciating instance painted the most undesirable results of any conversation because it only comes from a one-

sided perspective, devoid of any tangible knowledge or substantiated fact. Can one live like that their whole entire life? Logically speaking, impossible but in reality, it plays out right in front of your eyes like the unfolding episodes of Netflix whenever it is switched on.

At such a tormenting moment, only divine help can come to make peace of the cracking communication lines. For without, they are already incomprehensible when spoken or written, worse if they are conveyed in a language less familiar.

Such is the trouble one endures daily, frequently, unceasingly, with no recovery within sight nor a solution within reach.

At such point, one can only pray.

Broken communication even when line is clear.
Broken communication even when line is clear.
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