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Shot Unceasingly

An accusing tongue is the living cancer spirit that kills, faster than a speeding bullet.

It kills as soon as the first word is uttered. It murders even if you’re shielded by a steely armour. It asks for blood as soon as the entire sentence is completed. Why?

The only few reasons we can come to conclude are insecurity, ungratefulness, lack of time and intention to understand and the condescending impression against everyone that comes their way. What do you then do to someone like that?

This, among many others, is one of the chief reasons for division and suicide. How strange but a suicidal thought has rarely escaped our minds even when there’s sufficient help around the world to extend a helping hand.

Perhaps the end of life is a welcoming thought when we’re trapped, it could be greener on the other side, who knows? But to end it all would serve nothing to anyone but anguish to the people still alive. The only resolution? Zilch, nada.

Compelled to say that suicide more than ever is linked to depression but in this new norm that we’re living in in the 21st century, accusations may come very close as a second rung culprit. To some, it may even have secured pole position.

Before we speak, think. If we’re unable to think, then it’s best to follow Ronan’s “You say it best when you say nothing at all”.

I rest my case.

Shot Unceasingly
Shot unceasingly leading to abrupt end.

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