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Defend from Vulnerability

It’s a plague.

To be chastised and insulted on a frequency faster than the sunrise and sunset is akin to burying the victim alive day in and day out yet we are taught to forgive for our hearts will be set free from the burdens of unforgiveness.

When we are able to understand and fully comprehend what is the underlying truth of world events and daily occurrences, we are then equipped to make the right judgment. But when we’re not, our deductions are baseless and only driven by emotionally charged opinions. Why then allow ourselves such shallow conclusions?

When we’re already furnished with legitimate information that can motivate our minds with facts and figures, we should give in to the real scenario and not hearsay.

When we’re supplemented with classes that can help shape our minds, we should also not neglect those forthcoming educated theories and practices.

But when we open ourselves to influences of rage and rumours, we will be defenceless when we try to teach beneath our cranium to decipher the truth. We become powerless. Why do that to ourselves?

As Covid-19 has come like the Spanish Flu of this century, we must guard our minds with sound teachings and factual readings. Do not for one second let our guard down lest we entrap ourselves with no way to escape.

We must rise and not be vulnerable firstly to protect the sanctity of our thoughts then our actions, for our own and everyone’s sake to survive this bout of the virus of the century.

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