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An Abrupt End; Stolen

Some of us prefer watching until the credit rolls but there are some who just abruptly ends it just when the end is near but not quite, why?

Stranger behaviours than this have occurred repeatedly without guilt or apology. You wonder why. It’s as if our opinion and preference has no value at all. Doesn’t our intentional desire to complete the entire episode count? Does it not count too that we purposefully carved out the time just to fill this little programme in our hectic schedule?


Just as how sometimes they often miss the best parts, this sudden cease of excitement is a dampener to the atmosphere and the spirit just as you were enjoying the end of it.

Perplexed, more than ever, just perplexed. How could such insensitivity…

One wonders, when and where such liberty to call the shots even to close a chapter is within the full grasp? Without authority to even complete what you’ve started is a robbery we all dread.

A small robbery…but like sin, there’s no distinction to how big or small it is. Once loss, oh well.

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