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Would You Skydive Without A Parachute?

Little information gets passed through, if at all, via osmosis unless you’re water.

Assumption as they say is the mother mother of all f*#£’ ups and it’s true, quite undeniably. But yet many resort to half baked assumptions without even lifting the finger to first find out the original truth or intent of a subject. Why?

I’d say some are due to their egotistical nature while others are blinded by their own pride. There are also those who do it out of personal arrogance. Without first inspecting, they tend to fall flat, and they do fall quite horribly if no one is there to catch their fall.

Fortunately for some, they are caught by hands that care no matter their fearsome and loathsome character. But for some other poor souls in denial, they can’t help but to crash without a harness to break that fall.

The most progressive civilisation is the one we live in today, don’t take it for granted.

Ladies and gentlemen, living in the 21st century warrants us to rise to the occasion to catch the winds and sail into advancement of thinking that shape our civilisation. If we guard our positions loosely, we will subject ourselves to free fall, much like skydiving without the parachutes. But we shouldn’t because we’re best equipped today, ever, in human history.

Because before us were our forefathers, building a world good enough for us to light a bulb, make a call and stream 2,000km in less than a day. They’ve done the findings, the math, the physics and the groundbreaking theories to lift mankind to the moon and beyond. Why then should we relegate our decisions based on assumptions?

Let’s not cheat our future, in fact our present too, if we’re serious about building a life long dream, out of the deepest fantasies and desires of our souls.

Assumptions? Don’t even skydive with it!

You’ll not regret assessing your situation especially when it involves a huge outcome.

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