Breaking Point

Sometimes some people are not worth sacrificing for.

When you’re called out for the slightest, it makes for an ungrateful expression.

When you’re spotted for the minor, the question is what happened to major?

When you’re condescending and we don’t call out, you regard as ignorant and lacking aptitude.

When your temperature flairs up, often we slide, but you saw zip.

The uncanny play of life games, one wonders, or not to wonder….

Accept, accept, accept… Sensing danger lurking like the lake beneath, accept and run for the light.

Life, acceptance, and then peace. In that order.


To charge or to charge up?

They often say, when life throws you lemon, make lemonade. And when life throws you a curve ball…oh well….

Life as we know it will change fundamentally from now on. Covid-19 has taken away whatever remains in us from the previous era or up until January or pushing it, February 2020.

The mounting deaths all over the world is a tragic outcome never before seen. But this day forward, as economies collapse, businesses shut and people losing everything from their jobs to their minds, we will begin seeing more severe depression than The Great Depression from the late 1920’s to early 1930’s.

Suicides not by Korean celebrities but by the commoner will perhaps become more common. So will those mentally challenged after suffering from a breakdown attributed to life challenges.

When the light dims on our vocations, we dim together. Unfortunately, that’s what’s been happening for centuries because as the Bible said, we must work else we starve. But to chastise, now that the Lord despise.

Have you been ridiculed, insulted, deprived, compromised, locked up and now locked down? We all have, it’s a matter of degree of variation.

Today, as we enter the new phase of this new beginning, we cannot help but bring over our old luggages. I just hope this human burden from our old luggages will not morph into a new part of our living body for we are entering a new era. With a new era, we need a new mindset. With a new mindset, it helps for us to survive, first. If we survive, we succeed!

To be chided now is only an introduction to the hardships tomorrow, unless of course we live under His almighty grace and mercy to which point we shall live under His economy.

Ungrateful? So were we when He came. Bother not of the noise now but more importantly is to sustain with sanity in check for light will come tomorrow.

Breaking down or breaking dawn? More like breaking through and breaking free!

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