Is the Decision for Momentary Pleasure Worth the Trouble?

There are consequences to bad decisions and they could play out in extended period if they were carried out recklessly.

For example, if you’ve gambled away your savings, you’ll live a dirt poor life as a consequence of that decision. If you’ve taken the wrong medicine, you would’ve taken a longer time to recover while living with the side effects of the wrong medication. If you’ve courted the wrong person, risks and fear may enter your life and the consequences could be dire.

In the wake of an economic tailspin, the collapsing regiment of policies and laws, the rise of new diseases and epidemic likeq the H1N1, Influenza, Coronavirus and more, we are surrounded by deadly consequential episodes if we don’t watch ourselves attentively. To do that, we must also keep an eye on the outside world.

As our civilisation improves and matures, I’m afraid mankind are sometimes swayed to make the wrong decisions out of fear or just to satisfy an instant gratification. This has led to many cutting short their pleasures in life no matter how simple they may be. Imagine being caught because of a selfish ambition to climb the Everest only to find you’re broke after the hike, is it worth it?

Truthfully, not many have the coffers deep enough to be called rich and neither are there many that can qualify as financially stable. But for most of these irresponsible decision makers, they often pledge with reasons why their ways should be followed like the gospel and your logical sense is no longer trending. But senseless decision making will land everyone in trouble.

Have we not seen enough wars, divorces, abuses and torture as a result of bad decisions?

Have we not witness enough deaths, depression and a total mental meltdown out of terrible calls in life?

Some are so frail they no longer exude human characteristics. Can you still be called a man or woman with little left to live by and hope for?

Life can be fun and life can be jovial. If only we put our vision across beyond the momentary pleasure and glamour to see it out that we’re really able to live a decent life before plunging into that decision. At the very least we’re doing ourselves a favour and render us a good sleep at night. Otherwise we’ll be tossing senselessly for that one stupid egotistical decision. Is the trouble worth it?

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