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Good Start to 2020 & A Great Decade

It’s the new year that marks a whole new decade and the first morning woke me rather early for someone who hasn’t had enough sleep for waking equally early throughout the holidays.

Morning devotion led to some revelation. In summary:

  1. Beware of Deceptions/Deceivers
  2. Fast & Pray as Required to Unveil the Truth
  3. Expose But Leverage on Deceiver’s Story
  4. Reflect on the Occurrence

How about that for a start to the brand new decade?

Blooming greeting on 1 January 2020.
Blooming greeting on 1 January 2020.

Right after, I was greeted by the blooming flowers at my little balcony – 3 bloomed and 2 more budding. What a sight to start the year with.

Simple family time on new year's day, truly something to celebrate.

Simple family time on new year’s day, truly something to celebrate.

Glad to have had some time with my mum and aunt together with my wife and daughter in the afternoon to celebrate the new year. Casual chats and a first visit to a restaurant after many failed full house attempts previously filled the easy atmosphere. It was good family time although much shorter this time than the usual.

Caught a good movie on Netflix too when we’re home. Starring Brad Pitt and Chris Pratt called “Moneyball“. It’s a good flick about Brad Pitt, a talented baseball player turned coach, trying a new and an unproven strategy to assemble his players to win games.

You can quite guess how it all went with something so profound and untested. But it wasn’t the movie that stole my attention, rather it was the way the day panned out on the 1st of January to kickstart the decade:

…some meditation moments, some nature revelation, some family time and some simple entertainment.

It’s the best way to recollect and reconcile our minds, bodies and souls before the hectic schedule steal us away from as soon as tomorrow.

It’s been a good first day!! Hope yours was just as good if not better.

Happy 2020 New Year