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This Could be the Holy Grail for Going Viral

The buzzword these days is definitely VIRAL. Whether it is just a squirrel running across the cables or a granny doing the cha cha, everyone has just the same thing in mind.

From the creators of one of the most talked about, followed, shared and viral factories in the world, Buzzfeed has gone where truly nobody has before. And so this video from Ted could be the holy grail to solving all your marketing problems. It could be the viral venom you’ve been looking for and it may change your life forever if what you see and learn is applied with the same potent results thereafter.

So here goes, the video you’ve been waiting, longing, yearning and dying for, “What makes something go viral?”, presented by Dao Nguyen, Media Analytics Expert at Buzzfeed.

Catch the fever!

Or listen to the podcast here.

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