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5 Biggest Things to Impact Our Lives Right Now

If you’ve not heard anything over podcast, this is a good start. The most pertinent issues that will plague our world in the coming years, in the not too distant future actually.

I find it totally refreshing to listen to such intellectual discourse of what can, may and will be brought on to our lives in the coming days. These are the stuff that people should be talking about rather than the war on political power, office rivalries and family feud.

It’s about a life,

many lives;

People’s livelihood,

our livelihood;

Our future,

our generation.

Stay to the end, you might find some important bits that challenge even the notion of how can one actually lose their IQ just by being stuck in a certain circumstances.

I hope you’ll be inspired. I know I was and still am.

[TED Radio Hour] The Big Five


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