Permissible Sinful Trinity

Not a big fan of sugar but when you have the holy trinity of strawberry, marshmallows and chocolate, it’s a sin we should be allowed to. 

Chocolate fondue always reminds me of Melbourne and Max Brenner. It was in Melbourne when I was introduced to this addictive romanticism with melted chocolate by a name I’ve only heard from a bizarre TV programme called Max Headroom. I don’t know what the show was about but I was glued to the TV, looking for clues maybe and whatever he was blabbering about turning his head every now and then. Was it a cult series? Perplexed to say the least. 

In any case, with melted chocolate, strawberry and marshmallows, this potent concoction can only mean one thing – a movie night to follow the trinity and if there’s still left, supper-sin again. 

Absolutely to die for! 


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