A lemonade Friday keeps the anxiety away. 

The week has certainly moved on so quickly. In the blink of an eye and we’ll open our eyes to Friday. What have you accomplished this week? What has been memorable this week? How are you going to power up for next week? 

To say that the week has just gone by is quite literally an understatement when compared to the bigger picture of the entire 2017 passing us in less than three months. If you’ve not counted the year as a success, you still have time. 

I do recall that in Malaysia, those chasing deadlines and targets by December include:

  • Some corporations closing their books by December. 
  • Life insurance agents chasing individual targets to reach their annual objectives, challenge and to qualify for trips and holidays. 
  • Car salesmen trying their best to get the papers ready so new car owners can have their hot babies ready for the festive. 
  • School going children will hate to see their holidays coming to an end and thereby stocking up all the great excitement and memories before they begin wearing school uniforms again. 
  • Politicians trying to swing votes by drumming up fancy speeches. 
  • Employees praying for increments and bonuses, some with sudden surge in performance. 
  • Business owners look beyond December and begin charting new territories in their minds. 
  • Those welcoming new babies look forward to a new year of sleepless nights and mysterious amazement.
  • Travel agents and the hospitality industry as a whole hope to deliver the best vacation experience to their clients. 
  • And all the ho-ho-ho spirit will be out to outdo one and another for the better window,  better promo and the better ingenuity. 

But if you’re having a tough season that seems to have no end, well…

Make lemonade when you’re given one.