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Another Side of Hong Kong

And one would never imagined this side of Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong is truly quite a remarkable city.  It is Asia’s true metropolis with A-Lister celebrities and global recognition for its commercial success. 

Back then, before the invasion of K-Pop, Jay Chou and Leehom, Hong Kong was the epicentre of musical and silverscreen genius. Today, although eclipsed by the made-up dollies of Korea, Hong Kong still retains its charm by being part of China,  frequented by foreigners and loved by the older generation of Asia. 

Off the beaten path, you’ll find the expanse of untouched greenery and nature, in stark contrast to the edifices of the big glitzy city. This is a part of Hong Kong not many have seen, some can’t even fathom that it exists. But if you take to its treks in the forests or designated forest parks, you’ll witness why Hong Kong actually still has so much to explore through the natural terrains and undulating hills. It begs the question, why then do people live in shoe boxes and not repeal the constitution to expand the vast space for better livelihood of her citizens? 

It’s not exploiting nature when it’s done mindfully and righteously honest. 

Ping Chau is an offshore island on the northeast corner of Hong Kong in Mirs Bay.

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