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I Met an Intelligent Man Today

Yes, I met an intelligent man today. We spent about three hours together and it was this meet that drew the facts in better clarity. Sat before me was one of a greater intellect than most I have met. His traits:

  1. Practical.
  2. Resourceful.
  3. Friendly.
  4. Jovial.
  5. Direct.
  6. Academically qualified.
  7. Enterprisingly brilliant.
  8. A great communicator.
  9. Ability to piece things together, especially technical.
  10. Well versed with the business lingo and understand about sacrifice, reward, professional compensation matching demands and expectations.
  11. Qualified for a medical course in Russia but didn’t take it up despite having approved scholarships to fund him throughout his duration there.
  12. Even more outstanding is the reason he declined the course – “What good is there to defy your parents when they wish for you to stay than to go to a foreign land only for a degree?” He credited the love for his folks and in honouring them as the reasons he chose to remain.
  13. He has built a business platform where most of his competitors, big and small, are desperately trying to catch up with.
  14. He has also built a stable business platform on the digital and social world for his wife to manage. Business is improving as we speak.
  15. Did I mention he is getting foreign interests looking at his website?
  16. In a previous employment, he created a technology which has allowed the company he served to patent and multiplied its business to worldwide adoption.
  17. He credits the brains to be able to churn new ideas and creating them as the greatest asset a person can have, not the millions, billions and trillions of dollars.
  18. Equipped with foresight and wisdom, he knows what his business needs in order to thrive and that’s more than just money.
  19. At present, his range of products, services, activities of business and clientele have all proven that he is ahead of his peers and certainly advanced when compared to the big boys of his industry, yes even the big boys.
  20. At such a young age, he already knew his passion and is confidently pursuing it regardless of the season of day.

The prediction is this, that even if he doesn’t end up on the cover of Time as Person of the Year, he is already a very well contented man. The time will come when his stature and wisdom will make a far greater killing in the industry that he is well entrenched in than he is doing today. The bet is this horse will outrun and outpace any champion we see in the papers and on the social walls. He will be the true mark of what humility brings because this father of one lives by it, not by intention nor make-up but by the natural posture that he was born and raised with in just an average family that is not heads over heels about the next Gucci or Prada.

It is a true honour to have met him today and it is the impetus I needed to pen this – one, as a record for our opportune meet and two, a reminder of how I’ve felt today. It’ll help me reconcile the emotions I went through today when I see him lifting the glorious crowns of his life one fine day.

Keep it up young man, your family is very blessed!

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