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Origin of Generosity

You’d better believe it!

2017 has sprung some real surprises. It began actually towards the tail end of 2016 when I began to witness the unconventional occurrences of what human hearts and hands can do for another soul.

The first incident occurred when this gentleman was facing a rather challenging situation. The stuff he was going through is what you read in motivational books and biographies except that it is right at the acute pain juncture where nothing seems to be financially paying off, yet. All that he has culminated to that very day was heaps of bills in a slow market and unrelenting suppliers. He had his back against the wall.

The second incident occurred in the month of January when most were already back in the grind to get things started for the year. In the most unfathomable fashion, this multi-talented individual confessed to a certain biological setback and illness that would even wake Che Guevara from the grave had he known so. He masked it so well you’d never imagined it even if it were told you by his close pals.

The third and fourth surprises in February. Almost as surprising as Donald’s victory, these surprises pushed all logic beyond the door. It flung open the gates and thrust it above the clouds and to infinity and beyond!

Here’s what we’re talking about…

In the first incident, the poor guy had lamented of his struggles. He thought of some great adventures and strategies to overcome his difficult card. But alas, even requests for a helping hand from those who were exceedingly able have been turned down or just faded into silence without a word. Downtrodden, nobody could stand in to help but one – the poorest guy of the lot stepped up one morning to rescue despite the “small-ish” emergency. Grace is one beautiful thing.

In the second incident, you must give credit to the Maker who have made it possible for this lad to churn out extraordinary work despite his shortcomings. It’s the makings of a true story that will secure an Oscar. One day, this I believe will have an astounding ending, fitting for the golden statue.

The third and fourth – it summed up that generosity truly comes from the heart. It is not the money nor wealth, neither is it stature nor the stage of one’s life. This “finale” among the more than four surprises since Q4 last year has certainly driven home the point on what makes a human beautiful – it is their willingness to impart even when they have the least among their peers. Their act of generosity dwarfs the society that worship the millions and billions of dollars.

My heart went out at great lengths just reminiscing on these stories when they unfolded before my very eyes. It resonated more than a week. It taught me that although the worldly community sometimes favour the glitters and blings that dress the pages of magazines and how people drum up their excitement when the sparkling reflections pierce through the party, the greatest act of humanity somehow do not reside on the fingers, the necks, the ear lobes nor the clutches of men, but they originate from the simplistic of intentions and that is to extend a hand, especially when its done sacrificially and better yet, unexpectedly.

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