Bet You Didn’t Know Dolly Parton Ran A Program to Encourage Children to Read

Dolly Parton and books? 

That’s right. Almost a legend of country music, Dolly Patron engaged her community by funding them books every month. This special programme has a book delivered to every child every month as long as they are below five years old. She did this noble thing without any publicity in this part of the world. She even raised money for her dear old community when the hotand fiery crisis hit. Had we known this, we would’ve looked at her in a different light. But realising this only now has made it all the more sweeter because like the author who went to her blog to apologise to Ms. Parton for thinking she’s some desperate  attention seeking woman, she’s just as dumbfounded after discovering the deeds the singer of Islands in the Stream has committed to in her life. Not just a head full of air,ppl 0 I guess. 

Visit this link to read the full story:


God bless Dolly!

Image courtesy of friends.wikia.com.

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