Brexit, the Best News This Year!

The late Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew had already predicted that the Euro is a vision that is difficult to sustain.

Unlike most Singaporeans, who revered in the late and longest-serving Prime Minister but would simultaneously curse and swear about his authoritarian and sometimes dictatorial style of leadership, the sane few in Malaysia have nothing but short of immaculate respect for the man, this author included. He has raised the tiny dot to first world status in less than half a century; this fact alone is one to be lauded no matter the language you use to describe the feat. For such an accomplishment, you must concur that some of his views and opinions must be of oracle’s stature, almost prophecy – profound, true and pierces into the heart of the matter.

Brexit, was it to be expected?

The late Lee had in his book, One Man’s View of the World, imparted what the world will be like and how some countries are going to fare. He spoke about the strength of China, the might of the US and why if they came to berth in Singapore, he would allow both to remain.

Brexit02He chatted about the once dominant Japan and its rapid decline attributed to its very own distinct and primitive Japanese heritage. He explained why this priceless culture is the very sword that is shredding the headcount of its population. He also voiced opinions about India, North Korea, South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, his belief system, the greatest man he’s ever met, his wife, Singapore’s new Prime Minister and of course the current hot topic, Europe.

To him, the culmination of Euro has just given him a gobsmacked impression to the tone of “My God, is this truly happening?”

For him, the Euro will never have worked primarily because to rule as one with all the pertinent privileges accorded under one roof, within one boundary, is to run it under one leader and one fiscal policy. It can only succeed when all numbers and components contribute to one cause as if it was one nation. But this is not to be in real life because other than the Euro currency, every country is still governed by its own political system and supported by their individual financial and legal policies. Even if foolproof, such a system shall open itself to abuse – where the strong have to piggyback the weak. Haven’t we seen the turmoil implicating big brothers Germany and the United Kingdom before the bad word of the year Brexit?

Difficult still to stomach for some but the writings have long been on the wall.

Personally, having had the opportunity to mug and study through some finance and legal textbooks back in university, I can’t disagree with the late Harry. He was right and his predictions is a reflection today. Brexit shall mark the beginning of the inevitable divorce…if the union had not already been threatened by the financial meltdown from Greece, Italy to Spain.

In such a dilemma on a macro level where Agreements and Deeds have been consented by the head of states only to derail quite miserably now, what is there to be done from thence on? What measures can they take to overcome this Euro that has been defaced and plagued by the bloodbaths?

Personally, again, I am inclined to say, it is the till at home that matter most, beyond any altruistic ambitions that supercedes any greater covenant that have been etched on paper. Simpler terms I meant, have your people been fed well? Are they accorded with sufficient housing and medical provisions? Is education a right or a privilege, really? Is the legal system as fair as the people purported to run it with all their credentials that can fill up the Berlin Wall to be? What is the solution to illiteracy? Job admission, by fear, favour or factual merits? Is trade managed by tariffs alone or actually led by a certain cartel? Who runs the show, the people or the presidents and prime ministers, or truly the capitalist mobsters?

Bottom line, it is not whether this Euro vision succeeds, it is whether your countryman is given a good night sleep with a well fed belly to warm the cold night after a decent wage paid for a decent month’s work. If the answer is no, Euro and all its pompom girls should just get off the stage because the music has really stopped playing. Life must begin to take centrestage again, what with the global remissions, recessions and the lack of humane passion.


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