Risks is something you might want to reconsider taking on this season

Who would have thought that the world is today reeling in pain because Iran is teaching US a lesson.

Indeed the preposterous idea to some is today a reality. Brent crude has crashed to US$39.44 today as compared to the heydays of US$120+ back in 2011 and 2012 (oilprice.com). It would be rather appropriate to say if you didn’t smell this coming, as would many, the best foot forward would be to diversify and sniff out some new opportunities.

Incidentally, I saw this ad by one of the big oil boys Chevron from a mag dated 2011. Well if they didn’t or that others didn’t do so earlier, who knows where the risks would have taken us to right now.

Early birds get the worm.
Early birds get the worm.

What we have today is a world filled with turmoil and turbulence. Not only are we bogged down by the volatile numbers but also the sudden change of climate. Storms and quakes are no longer a thing of the past or a rare occurrence. It is now a thriving threat. We can’t even find a plane with all the high-tech equipment around. So literally, you have nowhere, almost nowhere to fall back on other than always be vigilant and take calculated risks every step of the way.

Always know where you’re headed.

So for this week or this whole year even, assess your risks and whether it matches your risks appetite. I like how this American bank puts it (pic above). It’ll sooth your pain when trouble comes, or if “pain” doesn’t visit you, know that you have it all under control when your life is balanced and well thought out.

Don’t be sorry, know your risks.

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