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Chase Your Dreams

This Should Help 🙂

Flipping through The New Yorker last week over lunch was a real pleasure to the soul. Reading has always been a pleasure but this time it came together with the release of a silent excitement and this is after a good but long week. You almost want to scream TGIF.

Some pages of the magazine did however catch my attention like the article on origins of Wonder Woman. But on that hot afternoon  in a cozy little cafe/restaurant, it became my party place. I remember why advertising drew me to it when I was a much younger and brash youth. In a time when there was only print, TV and radio to invoke your senses, magazine and their printed ads ruled the planet….at least the marketing planet.

So here, on that one simple but a very fulfilled afternoon, I’ve captured a few to share here. They caught my attention for their great copy, thinking and just a low key suave style that make them outstanding for my afternoon.


Read the copy from start to end and find myself truly drawn to it. Very well crafted and comprehensive enough to capture all the details of a great car like Lexus. The photography also painted the right image for the brand.

In-flight entertainment has a new name and that's Delta.
In-flight entertainment has a new name and that’s Delta.

People read magazines for a few reasons: to be entertained, to learn something and to kill time. Boredom seems to hit the right note here. And Boredom vs Entertainment, a very compelling thought even when it’s a simple one.


It says it all – Chase Your Dreams!

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