CNY2016_3CousinsDrawings (2)
Three Prosperity Paintings by three princess, (from left) Chloe 10, Le Xuan 11 and Kayla 5.

These Three Prosperity Paintings should be remembered as a great beginning of a lasting relationship; of friendship, sisterhood and of family values.

Sometimes you can’t escape what the world has to offer you from the young ones. What most of us adults come to take for granted will often be replayed before our very eyes by the young ones. While some will take to heart and reflect, others just sweep it aside as a normal occurrence. For me, thanks to facebook, mobile camera, Internet and the power of togetherness, they have altogether brought forth this beautiful picture that reminded me of my relationship with my family, whether near or far.

This year, as two of my nieces Chloe and Kayla, and my daughter Le Xuan, got together on reunion dinner evening, they just gathered as children would from games to food to time of random play, they have without my knowledge put together a set of drawings that to me carry a lot of sentimental values for a long time to come. And here’s what crossed my mind:

  • They were the only three princesses around that night who met some years back but the magic this year brought them to play and smile together, in a peaceful manner too at that.
  • They reminded me of my time back some 30 years ago as we gathered as mischievous boys and girls over Chinese New Year every single year.
  • They are a reflection of why some conversations can just take off like it just happened yesterday although we’ve never met for months and years on end.
  • They are the reality of life happening whether we like it or not and they will continue to happen where friendship, sisterhood and brotherhood can be forged without force or favour. They just happen innocently as children would conduct themselves to be.
  • They also helped me to recall that life is a continuous process where a person will grow and be enriched with experiences where the annual family gatherings as such are the best platform to share and laugh and maybe even cry together.

That the best of these crayon creativity must live on because in the end, after some three or even six decades passed, I hope they will be reminded of this wonderful day when they got together – to draw not just from the heart but it is the beauty of their pure spirit that will bond them close and for a long time to come….and so, it pays for the adults to take heed of their childhood once again, of natural conversations and well intentioned activities, whether rich or poor, CNY or otherwise.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!