Adrenaline, last minute, cleanup, shopping, groceries, the list goes on and on.

The gathering of relatives, friends and the long distance travels to in-laws (and outlaws) will indeed be the subject of anticipation this coming week. It’s the final countdown of sorts where the big day of Lunar or Chinese New Year begins with a reunion dinner on the 7th (or earlier as time allows) and the 8th as the first day of the 15-day celebration.

Without dragging further, here’s the least you need to do if time and budget are of constraints this year as you usher in the big celebration.


At Home

  • Spring cleaning of the house e.g. removing the cobwebs, hang up new curtains, prune those trees, a new paint job, replace the rusty padlock, clean the toilets, sinks, floor etc.
  • At least one new set of new clothes for each child.
  • At least one new top for each adult.
  • Some reddish decorative items around the house for the festive mood.
  • At least one tub of Chinese New Year cookies.
  • At least one bottle of orange soda.
  • Get ready those red ang pow or red packets.
  • Be sure to have some new currency notes for the ang pows.
  • Hang up or paste at least one Chinese New Year decorative item.
  • Some Chinese New Year music at home wouldn’t hurt.

At Work

  • Send out Chinese New Year greeting card or at least an e-card to your clients, associates and suppliers.
  • As best possible, chase for those unpaid bills. It’d be useful with the cash in hand.
  • Attend to all your work as necessary so that you’ll have a peace of mind during the celebration.
  • Remove all valuables from the office during the festive season.
  • Be sure to safeguard all electricity and water points.
  • Turn off all connectivity (e.g. routers, wifi, servers etc) if it doesn’t compromise your work.
  • As a Chinese tradition, there’s a trend for having a meal together as a “wrapping up work” meal before Chinese New Year. Simple one will do since it means better from the heart than from the pocket.
  • There should also be a “kick-starting” meal with the staff when work resumes after the Chinese New Year break.
  • Be sure to get those ang pow packets ready for the staff. If not a ritual it is at least a good gesture.

Travelling Somewhere

  • Always pack your mobile charger.
  • Shades for the sunny weather.
  • Sun block if you’re going into the waters or exposed to the sun more than you usually do.
  • Enough clothes for the whole time.
  • Jacket or cardigan if it’s a cold place you’re headed to.
  • Comfortable shoes if your trip involves lots of walking.
  • Easy slip on sandals if you’re going to be doing lots of short distance walks.
  • Cosmetics for the ladies.
  • Accessories for the ladies.
  • A book or magazine you’ve been wanting to read.
  • Cosmetics for the ladies.
  • Accessories for the ladies.
  • Lots of patience, everywhere especially at the airports and highways.
  • Children’s entertainment as required.
  • At least one gadget for the men; mobile phone is one already.
  • Turn off all timers for the air conditioners, electric plugs, water tap, alarm clocks, garden watering hose etc.
  • Cosmetics for the ladies.
  • Accessories for the ladies.
  • Turn on the security alarm.
  • Ensure your pet(s) is well taken cared of when you’re not around or check them into a pet hotel.
  • Lock the doors and windows.
  • Bring your keys and know where to keep it.
  • Budget for souvenirs and buy as necessary.
  • Reservations reconfirmed.
  • Tickets in hand.
  • Emergency contact knows your whereabouts.
  • Cosmetics for the ladies.
  • Accessories for the ladies.
  • Health jabs as necessary.
  • Paracetamoll, charcoal pills, ointment as necessary.
  • Moisturiser as necessary for those with a dry skin going to a dry place.
  • Men’s Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Ladies toiletries.
  • Cosmetics for the ladies.
  • Accessories for the ladies.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!!! Safe drive wherever you go!!