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Stop, You Deserve It


Take a moment to smell the flowers from your busy schedule. Good for creativity, good for the soul.

The promise of computers reducing our work did not happen as predicted. In fact it has backfired into intergalactic proportions where even children scream stress chasing homework till 11pm while the adults work relentlessly giving speed a new name – Now.

Given the breakneck speeds that we work in today, it’s best to alleviate those stressful days with momentary breaks.

If not the toilet breaks then at least a walkabout in the office.
If not climbing the stairs, at least peel your eyes away from the screen for at least two minutes.
If not lunch ten minutes walk away, at least feast your eyes in the presence of nature.

When you do, your level of tolerance may increase, your blood pressure may reduce and your tendency to smile may return. You may even clinch the promotion you’ve been aiming for or the new job you’ve  been talking about since college.

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