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Listen, it’s Suara MATTA

Suara MATTA, a quarterly publication by the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents is today a project commissioned to Rightwiz Sdn Bhd.

SUARA MATTA 4Q15 Front Cover
Better than to infinity and beyond, this is MATTA’s next frontier.

The lengthy name of the Association is more commonly known as MATTA but to the public, it is perhaps more popularly known by its signature travel event – the MATTA Fair. This is where travelers from all corners of the city and country come to grab their bargain tickets to destinations they’ve always dreamed to go or at least be inspired to go because of the unbeatable (read: unbelievable) prices.

Admittedly, many have indeed been blessed by this grand travel expo, returning home with smiles and a soul full of bliss. But that’s the consumer side of things, the mass market appeal concocted by the diligent people behind the Fair.

As an industry association with four decades under its belt beginning in 1975, they are today the leading body to champion not one but many causes under the umbrella of Tour and Travel.

They are today the voice that calls for legitimacy over disruptive practices, the one that sets the policies for safe travel and the very one that beckons for domestic travel this season given the global climate.

SUARA MATTA 4Q15 Table of Contents
A host of contents that are relevant for its time.

They are also the ones who have put everyone on the map and ensuring our flights and cruise paths do not cross each other. They have been the ones who stepped forward to give when the devastating earthquake shattered the dreams of the travelers and livelihood of the trekkers at Kota Kinabalu last year.

To be able to work on a project like Suara MATTA is certainly an honour for Rightwiz. More than just putting the text, articles, features and the pictures together, it is a conscientious act of pulling the knowledge of tour and travel into one simple compilation suffice for the consumption of the season and one that benefits its members across the country. The purposes they care about speak volume of their commitment towards the industry that they serve.

SUARA MATTA 4Q15 CoverStory
A Cover Story on MATTA Next to inform and inspire.

In this first edition published through the hands of Rightwiz, they unveiled the progressive initiative of MATTA Next – a cohesive unit of younger members that have the seniors and veterans to guide and nurture their growth in the industry. The aim? To elevate the new breed into tomorrow’s leaders for the tour and travel sector and vis-a-vis MATTA. In a simpler term, the older captains will be mentoring the younger apprentices and knock them into shape so that they are ready for the glory and storms of tomorrow. Seriously, what better way to relay wisdom if not with the commitment of the seasoned hands?

SUARA MATTA 4Q15 Industry
Something to ponder about, also in Suara MATTA.


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