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Glad I Went for Lunch Today!!

It's been 20 years, Terry Chan (left) and me.
It’s been 20 years, Terry Chan (left) and me.

Dear Terry,

It was a lunch that I hesitated to go but glad I did because I met you, after 20 years!!

As I have confessed, I was very glad to have met you today not because it brought back old memories but more so in times that we’re in today, where time has become such a precious commodity that we miss the opportunity to do life just as it should with one another. Life commitments these days take us from east to west in split second and we just do not have the time to even smell the roses anymore let alone catching up on good old times. Today, meeting you has certainly made my day and in not so many words, the short little time spent together was enough to move our hearts as connected friends and most certainly as connected classmates from 1995 in good old APIIT.

For you my friend, one of the most technically sound and pure hearted person that I’ve known, I look forward to our future meets, impromptu or otherwise. May your aspirations and adventure grow as the expanse of your desires and ambition. I can only say thank you for being forthright and sharing your thoughts with an old pal. Praying for your wholly well-being that all will be better than yesterday and mightier than our 20 years friendship!

All the best buddy!

From the bottom of my heart,


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