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Perspectives of Success


Success is bounded by perspectives and perspectives by knowledge, experience, wisdom and our ability to work them all together. Your success is hence predicated by what you want achieved supported by the knowledge you’ve gathered, experience you’ve accumulated and the wisdom to frame them in the right perspectives so that our judgement is sound, crisp and effective.

Today, more than ever, we are blinded by the mammoth digital feeds as knowledge and the uncanny utterance of pompous phrases as divine wisdom. But we forgot, that which we’ve toiled through the years and nights of sleeplessness, of insanity, of induced adrenaline to meet the righteous demands have indeed been the worthy battles that have brought us to such advancement in civilisation. In no way have we been able to come this far had not the heroes who put everything right in times when almost everything could’ve gone wrong.

In no better way to say this, we must, with the knowledge, experience and wisdom that have laid upon us within our smartly devices, move towards making accurate decisions for the greater good of mankind. If we don’t, we risk not just our future but also compromise the efforts of those who have sacrificed in the past for us to leap forward.

Think. Perspectives!


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