Julia Will Love This Bali!

Like an epic, a movie

Like Eat Pray Love

We fell in love with Bali

Where food, marvellous

Ambience, impeccable!


Eat Pray Love, a movie by critically acclaimed Julia Roberts has certainly a role to play in boosting that bit more for the already popular Bali.

When the website copywriting job of this fancy yet down to earth restaurant was assigned to Rightwiz, it didn’t occur to us that it would take the boundaries of food and love into the same place. In fact, we were told to spice it up with a bit of creativity, beyond ordinary restaurants and into the possibilities of never-been-done-before and imaginative visions. The result, a concoction of love, taste, ambience and the unending swelling of visions and experience that kept racing to the forefront of our mental-dome.

This is BaliBistro

RWBBWeb02In no particular order, this is a job where you’d have to pull out all the stops to make it taste as it should and light up the spirits to the high heavens…or so it should be. Did it make it? Well, the client simply adores it after one round of correction.

What made BaliBistro that much more appealing is the overall theme, concept and where its founding director hails from to how he envisions it to venture forth from here.

Here is a man who has had the background of international F&B standards yet possessing the determination and inspiration of a rags-to-riches calm and collected artist. Enterprising no less is his spirit but the signature restaurant had already begun with a big bang just about a decade ago and literally from the word go! Nope, he or they didn’t settle for anything less than best!

Today, this restaurant is spread across five locations in Klang Valley with differing names for its different appearance. There is BumbuBali where it all began to the Ole-Ole Bali and Waterlily Bistro to choose from. Whichever it may be, the food quality remains – gorgeous, exotic and maybe even sexy and sumptuous. Words shall and never will do justice. A visit hence beckons whether or not you’re a foodie, even if it means traversing through the ever-expanding and traffic demanding thoroughfares of Klang Valley. It’s worth it, honest!

RWBBWeb03Click here to immerse yourself in the full BaliBistro experience!

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