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“We’re Mightier” – The Poignant Truth Today

Our world looks in a precarious state. There is news from everywhere but the lack of good news makes it a difficult read, be it economics, crime, societal problems or racial differences. As a civilisation that has come into being for at least two thousand years, this bout of calamity seems poignant. Where did we go wrong?

In no particular order, I offer my observations:

  1. Foremost is our leaders in the high places, including that of invincible hands. Self centredness gave birth to the trouble before us.
  2. Our civic-minded education system lacks the robust capacity to tweak, adapt and change to educate the one most important thing in a student – his faith, of being good, just and fair.
  3. Our personal temperament that lack the polishing it requires but yearns to shine beyond our capabilities. In other words, we over-estimate ourselves to the peril of our lives, our children’s, our friends’ and society at large.

Expounding on Over Estimation, I believe in my heart of hearts is where conflicts begin to arise:

a. When a friend over estimates his knowledge and brought the seemingly cool lifestyles to his friends only to find them reeling in sadness, poverty and loss in the later part of their lives.

b. When a business partner forgets the struggle of igniting the one thing that kept the business going when times were tough – more than money, the passion.

c. When a spouse places high expectations on another only to find him or herself floundering in the very own rule he or she set.

d. When a governmental leader leads the country into the prosperity track bounded by his lion share first instead of serving it to the people, first.

e. When the media reports only for the fat cheques instead of unveiling what’s right, and wrong.

f. When two heads bicker over senseless pride and prejudice issues when all knowledge point to tolerance, forgiveness and salvation.

We literally invited them in without even knowing it.

We have often overestimated ourselves in all that we do, thinking we’re better, we’re never to fall, we’re mightier. But look now at the mess in Europe, in China, in Malaysia, even in our very own homes, in the very sporting grounds, in our very own businesses; we over-estimate hence the trouble we’re in. We literally invited them in without even knowing it.

It is no more use that your Facebook or Instagram tweets about the greatness of one guy because of one eureka researched over many years because we now over celebrate for one great inspiration that lasts only the scroll of our thumbs.

I believe if our scrolling habit continue to dominate our communication habits and even our learning pattern, we are headed for south in our quest to continue this civilisation because society no longer indulge in literature of knowledge and excellence, instead they waste their time away on the tiny screens of gossips, scandals and propaganda. How then are we to become a learned generation when our brains can’t even retain what we’ve learnt in school or the books? We may perish like those before us – the Romans, the Chinese dynasties, Alexander’s, the Ottoman.

What shall we call ourselves in the history books then two thousand years from now?

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