After six editions, the game has just begun.

In the world of publishing, the game doesn’t start right at ground zero, it begins after you’ve broken into the first sweats and ironed out all the edges to get that one publication out – consistently and in the best quality possible given the resources and limitations of the time and season.

For Herald by Henry Butcher, newsletter of the multi-faceted property consulting and services company, 2015 marks a new beginning. Here’s why:

  • It has successfully released six monthly editions with a consistent theme that reflects its company – real estate.
  • It has continuously grown and improve its contents from one edition to the next. Case in point, kicking it off with a humble edition in January by featuring projects marketed exclusively by the company and its activities.
  • A fair and equitable rotation system to feature its family of directors and senior executives across its offices nationwide beginning with its co-founding director.
  • As a property company, it is only natural to publish a market research report. This it did successfully from the April edition with a concise analysis and visually clear data in both table and chart formats.
  • While it is rather common to see why a  property company is square and grey, Herald has successfully captured the lighter side of its people such as their interest in food to their addiction to holidays, making it almost a magazine-standard newsletter.
  • It has also featured stories as far as a plane ride away to give it that much more flair, flavour and favour.

All encompassing, why is this a success? And more importantly, why is even publishing a newsletter considered an accomplishment for a company?

From where I sit, as the project caretaker that consults, plans, directs and fine tunes its production with the dedicated input of its other founding director, Herald the newsletter has derived some form of satisfaction among the Henry Butcher family and this to me embodies all the critical characters of success.

  1. For one, it has brought the latest talking points of the company into one central publication that is easy to consume and one that is pleasing to the eye.
  2. It has given the almost three decades old company another tool to showcase its corporate abilities.
  3. Clients of the company will come to appreciate yet another business opportunity arising from the relationship with Henry Butcher.
  4. Associates, suppliers and friends too will be in the know of the happenings of the company.
  5. Herald as the perfect medium to harness the prowess of both print and digital technology as its gets distributed and disseminated every month.
  6. While the domestic and global economy finds its footing in the volatile market, Herald continues to spearhead the company’s challenge to reach out to existing markets and penetrate into new territories with just a simple monthly publication; and this little effort shall go a long way.

Beneath and beyond the points stated above, I truly and sincerely believe, it has brought together some minds of the company to see the family of Henry Butcher prosper as one, not only when the publication is released into their inboxes or arriving on their desks, but also when it has featured subjects that are close to the company’s heart from one month to the next and from one person to the other.

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