8 Reasons to Crafting Great Contents for a Client

“Even the kings and queens of yore would yearn of a technology such as this…as if made in heaven, indeed from heaven.” an excerpt from BAE International’s website.

Landing page of BAE International Inc

There are clients and then there are clients. There are contents, and then there are also contents. Each presents itself with a differing attitude, challenge and spirit. And it is quite a commonplace to hear grouses from service providers such as us about a client’s dissatisfaction, which are sometimes valid and other times wild.

At Rightwiz, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a certain type of clients that have yielded a great level of satisfaction and pride. They have, although executed at different times and industries, collectively been able to handover sufficient details and vision for us to work on, even if it’s only a few words and a picture. Yes, it happened before!

But to us, it is not so much about no challenge is too difficult, rather it is about whether we are comfortable in delivering where we can and cannot, and if we can’t, whether or not are we then confident in unveiling the obstacles to our client.

Thankfully, our clients have been forthright and bold in holding a relationship with us to explore a journey where they can only speak but not yet “read” the written words.

Displaying the BAE effects.

An Inspirational Adventure

With a select group of proud clients, BAE International Inc Sdn Bhd presents among the most enjoyable projects at Rightwiz. It is one of the projects which Rightwiz can truly take pride in, be it in communication, relationship or in presenting our ideas across.

To begin with, the technological marvel that resides within BAE is not an ordinary product such as a mobile phone or a detergent. It required an understanding of science to put our heads around it. We then recalled physics, chemistry, atoms and the likes. The knowledge transfer continued from the client with a vision of the audience, its positioning, the potential, its applications and the results. It’s like understanding Star Wars when you’re still in The A-Team era.

Through it all, the experience of developing the contents for BAE has been one of professional, adventurous and creative. The results: Beyond Words. Here’s why?

  1. Bold – Client gave one direction and that is to make it totally different from other companies. From concept, content to completion, we were given a free hand to craft and deliver what’s possible, better if it is unorthodox and breaking conventional norms.
  2. Trust – Client had absolute trust in our work and relayed only the technological understanding of their products and its applications which form the basis of what BAE or Bio-Activated Energy is all about. The rest, is up to us to craft, and of course imagine.
  3. Knowledge – Client’s knowledge of its own product is second to none and is very clear of its unique properties and superior application. Hence, the client is able to immediately grasp our concepts immediately and confidently.
  4. Direction – Client is very clear about its market standing and the direction it is taking. This gives us the room to explore and expand our creativity without any “ceilings” or “walls”.
  5. Realistic – Client understood that a creative process is not one of run-of-the-mill. And as such, it did not impose a limitation to restrict the creation process but only assured us that within a reasonable amount of time should birth the great result. Admittedly, we did get one call from the client about the contents but it only took a few days to deliver because the inspiration had already dawned and matured in our minds; thanks to the roomy space to think and immerse in.
  6. Aligned – Client prefers creativity with substance over ordinary or “play safe” methods in its contents; very much in line with the founders’ spirit and energy.
  7. Honest – Upon presentation of the contents, which positions BAE as the blue-blooded to the throne due to its technological prowess and immaculate results, client was extremely delighted, confident and swift in extending a sincere congratulatory message to Rightwiz. Client was so satisfied that no amendment was required from the very first draft.
  8. Appreciative – Client was also generous to extend repetitious congratulatory messages to Rightwiz for a job well done. In return, we have undertaken to validate some of the client’s other contents for public consumption.


With such a confident client in hand, the journey to building its contents is one that is hard to forget. And yes, dreaming of having such a client is a constant wish of many content providers. Humbly and admittedly, we have been blessed by this project and we hope our fellow content providers would experience a client like this as well.

Thank you BAE International for the opportunity to create a masterpiece such as this. We are utmost grateful, and immensely inspired!

We’d also like to thank our friends at 3nity Web Sdn Bhd, a web development company in Malaysia, for introducing such a great client to us and is credited for developing BAE’s website. 

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