Good Content Will Take You Far

If it wasn’t for videos, we would not have youtube.

If it wasn’t for youtube, we would not have Bieber, Gangnam and Thriller behind bars.

If it wasn’t for such undiscovered stars, we would not have witnessed the diversity of art, creativity and culture.


If it wasn’t for art, creativity and its people, we would not have witnessed the beauty beyond our eyes.

And if we didn’t see the beauty beyond them, we would not have connected with one another over something we like.


If we didn’t like, link or blog, we would not have spoken, written, both or even touched.

But if we didn’t speak, write or touch, we would not have communicated and realised the world is so small.

Without communication is to result in no understanding.

Without understanding, there shall be no realisation.

And without realisation, there shall be no growth.


To grow, in spirit, in life, in culture, in career and business, of substance is prerequisite. One would not have grown, realised, touched, written and danced across our screens as we now do…as if they were just the easiest of things no more than twenty years ago.


To think that we’ve come this far and know that we have it all, is today a gift as great as life. But life sincerely would not have been this pleasant had it not been the courageous few who read, learnt, wrote, spoke, taught and painted the visions that we could attain today. It would not have been possible if the world was void of such substance, such endearing impetus of dreams and visions that can be etched from the rocks to the books, from hieroglyphics to Sanskrit.

If it wasn’t for them, there would not be us. If it wasn’t for yesterday, there would not be today. If it wasn’t for thoughts as these right from their hearts, there would not be love so intense, life so vivid, victory so fresh, future so close and a comprehension you’d come to immerse even if it had happened thousands of years ago. And if it wasn’t for contents morphing as reality, there would not be now.

cropped-rwlogoAt Rightwiz, we value great content…because without them, you and I really wouldn’t have come this far.

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