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Matters of the Heart

Matters of the heart is not easily solved.

They are neither left nor right,

high nor low,

wet nor dry,

east nor west.

Matters of the heart is as tricky as the steps of Peter,

they slide left only to leap to the right,

they slip down only to hide from the earth,

they lie and they cheat because they can’t bear the tears from rolling down,

and then they elate for joy when burst of laughter brings a teary eye.

It’s a wonder at times, 

does life mimic plants or plants to life?

does one mimic popularity only in search of prosperity?

What if poverty strikes when the search is on the way?

What would you deduce? What would you say? 

How would you live and pertinently where would you go?

Like a song on a beaten track,

they come and they go,

But mostly they come and they grow.

Of fondness and oneness we yearn,

but of foolishness, willingness, we long to be cheated.

Ah, but don’t we all seek to indulge in momentary disillusionment? Temporary dissatisfaction? Occasional drunkenness so we could behave like 12 Monkeys, Raiders and Ford?

Every once in a while, matters of the hearts come and seize your day. The penultimate remains, will you give in? And the ultimate of course, will you conquer?

Blood, sweat and tears may rise; they dry as the dryland’s drought. 

But if we carry amongst us a hope against despair, we battle through as victors even the french will admit to lose.

Long live our will, but more incessantly, long live our dream, our king; beyond our hearts, lest we meddle too much to the perils of matters of the heart.

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