How could you not love a child like this?

Every once in a while we must brag!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not often that I’d bring this subject up. Not all that frequent too will I shout about the goodness that has dawned. Even more subliminal is when she presents a greatness that is beyond measure, beyond comprehension and certainly beyond us!

Exhibit 1 – Our Daughter’s First Quarter Student Behavioral Report in year 2015.1Q15a

15 As and 3 Bs for her performance in the first quarter of this year. To us as her parents, simply AMAZING!!!

Exhibit 2 – First quarter Academic Results in year 2015.1Q15b

From the academic side, she scored 87 to 99 across seven subjects and completed 11 work books called Lifepacs. With a B in PE, it just tells us that she’s a child and a real human after all because really, nobody’s perfect. But to her loving parents, we’re just over the moon and simply impressed beyond words.

Exhibit 3 – Student Behavioral Report from 2014 to First Quarter 2015.


Exhibit 4 – Academic Results 2014.


We did a quick comparison with last year’s results to see her progress. In the area of Behavior, she’s more Self Disciplined and better at Achieving Goals while maintaining her distinctions across twelve other areas, yes twelve! And please do allow us to brag a little about such great achievement. I for one am proud beyond words and you’d be hard pressed to see my squinting eyes as I smiled proudly from ear to ear |)

But for her two other subjects which dropped a little in Self Control and being Neat & Tidy as well as her Flexibility which remained at B, do let us come to her defense – she’s only 10 and is growing rapidly; cutting her some slack will be good for her soul and ours too…because even adults need a break sometimes 😉

For her academic results, I have conceded that this daughter of ours, Natalea Tan or her mum prefers calling her Niya, is such a blessed one. She knocks the subjects down not with ease but truthfully, with dedication and diligence, so hardworking we have to pull her away from her desk just to watch telly!

So with such bright news that dawned upon us on the recent Saturday morning and still gleaming with a little pride as we drove home, I asked what would she like as a gift for her superb results. She paused and thought for a while before saying, “Ice cream.”

How could you not love a child like this?

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