Jonker Walk Night Market

Great pictures from the most famous street in the historical state of Melaka where a big part of my Peranakan family come from and where my wife was born.

The Pictureteller | Southeast Asia 2014/2015

In this last post about Malacca we will be focusing on Jonker Street, or Jonker Walk as it is called. It is the centre street of the historical Chinatown, which is part of the Malacca world heritage site. The street was once famous for its many antique shops, but nowadays these shops are in numbers surpassed by clothing shops, crafts shops and restaurants. During the weekends there is a night market, and also some entertainment on a stage located where Jonker Street and Tukang Emas Street converge. The night market is really busy and there is a lot going on, but food-wise it is a bit limited since there are a lot of stalls selling plastic toys and TV-shop gadgets. The food on offering is mostly different types of snacks, which will perfectly suffice for someone on a food quest. These nights the proper food deals goes down in the…

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