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Conversations that Matter

How has the week been since GST?

Life is sometimes a strange wonder – stranger than wandering the parks or hiking up the hill alone. It is a cognitive experience at every possible juncture and at every turn, if only you allow it to.

So what’s the deal with painting a picture of how the week has been? Well, it’s the conversations that took place at every turn of the event above.

On Easter Sunday and this is a little dramatic though, it was a very personal conversation between yours truly and our Maker. Touching, revealing, moving – all the ingredients of Holly and Bollywood put together but without Bruckheimer or Spielberg.

On Monday, a gentle reminder from a friend about one’s life pursuits. It begins a chain reaction that even lasted till this morning, and it hasn’t yet ended.

Tuesday, while resting, caught up with an accomplished senior David whom I’ve known for a while but never had a chance to sit down to chat. In that very short span of 15 minutes and in his own words – “never complain and never be frustrated. Life is about looking ahead to your destiny and knowing that He has a plan for all of us. We only need to discipline ourselves to be close to Him.”

Wednesday, it was indeed a good sharing with my wife after our 10-year-old “baby” went to bed. The contents range from vocation to vacation, perspectives to being perceptive and of course finances to future. One must indeed spend time with their spouse to unearth, discover, understand and share so that the building blocks of the marriage is strengthened from one day to the next.

This morning and without any prior arrangement, breakfast was awesome not because of the food but the contents of our conversation with a dear brother Kevin. He reminded of the great expanse of a market place that is for everyone to take and share. He advised that it is of no obligatory duty to shun away from one’s expertise and experience; in fact it should be harnessed upon. And finally, make no enemy of anyone because even the enemy can bless you one day.

As the week comes to an end with only a few days left to spare, it has certainly been a week of conversations that matter. It is not often when you get to engage and discourse upon contents that matter even when you attempt to do so. And neither will it be pursuing responsibilities and goals one after another that will lead you to success. But instead, life must sometimes take a path that is neither opportune nor favored. One must be opened to flexibility, adjustments, creativity and excitement. Because it is in that very crevices of conversations where life will be spoken about, inspirations dawned upon and a future painted on.

Have an inspired weekend everyone!

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