Samsung Twilight

Never would I have expected this!

It was about 1:30am last night when I was still at the computer tinkering on a few things when I reached out to my bag to look for some receipts. Failing to find any I then thought I must have slipped it into my notepad. Crash it went to the floor – my mobile phone.

I could see a slight internal crack from within the screen but didn’t really think much of it as I recalled how Samsung had the same phone put under the endurance tests of cold, heat, washing machine, weights etc. Sadly though, my S3’s screen was gone. In that small little flip of the notepad where my phone was displaced from the front cover and then diving straight to the floor; this is mild compared to the endurance video. But my gymnast-screen remain black and dark, until today.

Fortunately though my dearest wife has a few spare phones at home that are still in working condition. After using the S2 in the most cumbersome way the whole day, I was shocked, surprised and in fact extremely ecstatic to see that all my contacts are in this very “spare” unit. Why was I so over the moon? Because it was just about six months ago when my cracked phone was sent in for repairs. It was a software glitch then where it rebooted like a broken record. Although fully functional thereafter, 95% of my contacts disappeared and neither were they anywhere to be found in or out of the cloud. Hence no sync.

It may be twilight zone now but strangely, with the older spare phone in my hands, not only did most of my contacts come back, even the latest numbers saved this year were sitting brightly right within this spare unit. Sync? Perhaps. Strange? Yes. Grateful? Undoubtedly!

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