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Highly Flammable Matrimony

The whole purpose of a holy matrimony must be ironed out between the two. If not disaster is imminent. For example, the ship can’t sail if the the captain and crew are both heading in different directions.

Disasters can culminate in just about anything under the sun. Whether it is the meal time recipe or a social gathering, gunpowder might be lit in just about any which way the wind will blow the words that were uttered or worse, from the non-verbal movement that leaves much to interpretation. We all know where it’ll end when that happens.

From towering infernos to melting lavas, the rotting of a mummified corpse to the slashing of the neck from a murderous weapon, these can wound and cut so deep it’ll leave one breathless and almost throwing in the towel to call life a day.

Would you when you’re fanned with the flames of tardiness despite the gigantic effort to contribute?

Would you when the avalanche of bullets and arrows rain on you like the frequency of your meals in a day?

Would you if every discourse eventuate to you being the face on the bullseye?

How should one train a stallion’s stamina to withstand such PSI?

How can one lift the chin above ground when all bombardments target the only solo act in the end?

A weary mind is a defeated soul, not from a healthy exchange and pow wow but from the constant shots fired at will targeting the one and the same no matter how or what it started with in the beginning.

Weary. Defeated. Dead.

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