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Separating the Wise from…

The secret is finally out.

All these years of being accused, blamed, chastised and ridiculed, it turns out that the lopsided perception originated from an alternative belief “master”.

It is simply inconceivable that for all the heartaches, pains and endless punches of negativity, they had all come down hard because one smart Alec practising the energy mantra read that “all your good deeds will never be appreciated by others”. With that, it unleashed a tirade of fury, faster and definitely more furious than Vin Diesel and Paul Walker behind the wheels because this is some real shit going down, not scripted Hollywood scenes.

While the scars can heal, it might have left a deep wound on some of the cuts. When the bashing didn’t stop to breathe, it’s unlikely any healing can occur. One might surmises that it’s only a small dent if at all but to the ones pricked hard in the flesh, they’ll know how excruciating it is, even if they have to spell it backwards.

For all the misguided missiles launched at the innocent, one can only deduce that knowledge, experience, discernment and wisdom shall separate the wise from the fools. In that regard only a fool would believe a medium predicting everything about them to be true, including assimilating romantic lyrics to be life principles…and unfortunately, some damages might already have been inflicted.

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