Confined, blamed, criticised, you name it, it's been done!

KABOOOM! We’re insulted, again!

Not a day goes by without a criticism, insult or down right offensive expletives that penetrate into the bones. What exactly is wrong?

Sometimes we can turn a blind eye over small silly insinuations but when it piles up like a mountain all within a few short days, and over the most mindless things you can imagine, there is no end to the disastrous arrows that are darting your way.

So what can you do?

Pretend to be deaf?

Have a bigger heart like they always say?

Try to understand where they are coming from?

Forgive them?

But what if you’ve done all and still it occurs like a relentless terrorist attack that won’t go away?

Sometimes it’s right, you may think slap one cheek and give another but there are times when just a smile to cover up their own very mistakes won’t do because sometimes they don’t even know it’s their own voice that are not helping the situation. If only they knew it’s their own directive that led us astray. But still….

…and we try to navigate through days like it’s a minefield. Every now and then they explode and debris are left all over and guess what? We’re pointed as the culprit all over again.

Yes, there are times when one cannot help but to think they must rise to the occasion but have we ever wondered why everything we do seems to be the cause for more insults and blame?

It’s like we must live with the destiny of being enslaved through the days and toiling through the night without room for a breather except the sudden dramatic outburst us being at fault again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again…….

I’m glad that my days are numbered because I truly have sensed the Lord telling me so. It is coming very near and I can’t say that I’m all depressed about it. I’ve given it my best shot, within the confines of a restricted boundary of not having the liberty to cross the line, hold conversations, meet an acquaintance or even a long time pal. This has been the rudimentary order of a life thought once as paradise having found the match but as it turns out, no topic can be discussed freely and in the tone and language we’re familiar with.

It’s a struggle…but relieved this struggle will end soon. KABOOOOOM!!!

Confined, blamed, criticised, you name it, it's been done!
Confined, blamed, criticised, you name it, it’s been done! Photo by Alexander Zvir on Pexels.com

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